My work is largely based on themes that strongly relate to certain ideas of childhood and youth, a time that still has a great influence on my personality and artistic identity. 
I am deeply fascinated with the perception and perspective on the world from the view of an adolescent mind, and particularly in ideas of the mysteries and strangeness associated with being grown up. Those ideas include the realms of character identity, curious behaviour and spirituality as well as games and playfulness, and lastly the idea of the freedom of the youthful spirit itself.

The medium of Painting serves me as a very sensual tool in this respect. Paint is a very primal substance that constantly evokes my curiosity. I am also fascinated by its power to create a whole world of its own, an entirely non-verbal space. Most of all do I see the act of painting as an ongoing extension of my own childhood, it allows me to explore ideas that are deeply rooted within myself and therefore help me to continuously map out and shape my identity as an artist and in the end as a human being.